Priority checks with regard to African swine fever

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The BAVG supports a coordinated information and control campaign by Customs Authority Austria, the Ministry of Health and AGES with regard to African swine fever. The transportation of pork or sausage products from non-EU countries in private travel is prohibited, which is why there will be increased controls on traffic over Christmas.

African swine fever (ASF) continues to spread in Europe and poses an enormous risk to domestic agriculture and the wild boar population. ASF is currently very active in some Balkan countries. In order to prevent the introduction of the highly contagious animal disease into Austria, there will be priority checks on travel in the coming weeks. Over Christmas, there will be a joint focus campaign by Austrian Customs Authority with the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection (BMSGPK), the Federal Office of Consumer Health (BAVG) and the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES). The aim is to raise awareness among travelers in particular that bringing meat from non-EU countries is prohibited and will be checked by customs.

Introduction to Austria would have serious consequences for animals and farms

Alongside wild boar, humans are the main carriers of the virus infection, which is usually fatal for infected domestic pigs and wild boar. The virus does not pose a health risk to humans. Austria's status as "free of ASF" is important because the high health status of domestic farms ensures the export of healthy animals and animal products and is therefore an important economic factor. It is therefore important that measures are taken to prevent the introduction of ASF. This is of particular benefit to livestock farmers, who would be particularly affected by outbreaks in Austria and would have to contend with enormous economic losses.

Pork or sausage products of private production from non-EU countries banned

ASF is currently particularly active in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo. Due to the upcoming holidays and the associated travel from the affected countries, the risk of spreading the virus to Austria through pork or pork products is expressly pointed out. The transportation of such products (including raw ham, sausage products, meat spreads, etc.) from non-EU countries is prohibited. Household quantities may be taken from EU member states, provided that the manufacturer has subjected them to a proper veterinary inspection in the country of origin, which can be assumed in any case for products that are regularly on the market (e.g. supermarket goods). However, meat or sausage products, especially those from private production, which have not been subjected to official controls, pose a major risk to the Austrian animal population, as the ASF virus may be present in these products. If they are eaten by susceptible animals (improper disposal, feeding), an infection occurs that can spread rapidly in the pig population and have serious consequences for wild animals and farms.

Feeding food scraps to domestic and wild pigs prohibited in Austria

African swine fever has not yet occurred in Austria. However, due to the numerous cases in southern Europe, the risk of introduction is very high. In order to detect outbreaks in the wild boar population at an early stage, we appeal to the population: all wild boars found dead and suspected of being ill must be reported to the veterinary authorities throughout Austria. Please make an important contribution to keeping domestic livestock healthy and do not bring any food made from pork and wild boar meat from domestic slaughter. Only dispose of leftover meat and sausages in sturdy, sealable waste containers and avoid any contact with domestic and wild pigs in affected countries if possible.

Information material on African swine fever available for download in 16 languages

The coordinated information and control campaign by customs, the Ministry of Health, BAVG and AGES is one of many measures to counteract the introduction of African swine fever into Austria. Travelers are made more aware of the problem of being possible carriers themselves and illegally imported goods are withdrawn from circulation. The earlier an outbreak is detected, the sooner it can be contained. Information material on African swine fever for travelers can be downloaded in 16 languages. Further technical information can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Health and AGES.

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