Hunting trophies: What to consider when importing from abroad

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If you are planning a hunting trip abroad, the import of jade trophies, in addition to the customs regulations and the provisions of international and national species protection laws, the animal health requirements must also be observed. It is therefore generally recommended to have hunting trophies imported from third countries via an experienced forwarding agent.

Thus, all the necessary formalities are handled correctly. The tour operator usually organizes on site the handling of the hunting trophies and the issuance of the necessary official certificates. The forwarding agent at the airport takes care of the necessary formalities around the import control and customs clearance and administers accruing fees (handling fees at the airport, control fees for the border veterinary certificate, customs declaration, handling fee of the forwarding agent, etc.) and finally delivers the goods at the place of destination.

In principle, it should be noted that treated hunting trophies (bones, horns, hooves, claws, antlers, teeth or hides) may only be imported from third countries if

  1. the following treatments have been carried out: horns, hooves, claws, antlers and teeth must have been boiled and disinfected bones must have been boiled and treated with hydrogen peroxide hides and skins must have been either dried or salted at least 14 days prior to importation
  2. the hunting trophies have been individually packed in transparent sealed packages
  3. the trophies are accompanied by a veterinary certificate.

In the personal luggage of passengers or passengers may be carried in principle only for their own needs or use, as well as for natural persons, small consignments of goods that are not intended to be placed on the market, without border veterinary control. These would be for example

  • Hunting trophies of animals other than ungulates and birds
  • Treated decorative feathers and feathers carried in travel for personal use or imported as consignments to private individuals for noncommercial purposes
  • Leather and fully tanned hides

For detailed information on the import of hunting trophies and other animal preparations, see "Import Controls on Food and Goods of Animal Origin".


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