Cooperation Agreement Customs Office Austria and BAVG

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The Customs Office Austria (ZAÖ) and the BAVG conclude a cooperation agreement for close cooperation on a strategic level. The agreement serves to provide mutual support in operational enforcement and the exchange of know-how. The cooperation improves food safety and protection against animal diseases.

"Through our cooperation, we will strengthen collaboration and make processes even more efficient. The responsibilities remain unchanged - general enforcement at BAVG, import control activities at Customs - but we are restructuring our coordination and joint approach. In this sense, there should of course be an intensive exchange of information and, as a result, an improvement in processes. Especially for our future challenges in cross-border goods traffic, cooperation will certainly become increasingly important," says Heike Fetka-Blüthner, ZAÖ board member, summarizing the goals of the agreement.

In the BAVG, for example, there is a close overlap with the fields of activity of the Austrian Customs Office in the areas of veterinary import control of live animals and products of animal origin, import control for plant-based foodstuffs and commodities, and BIO import control. In order to be able to fulfill these joint and legally enshrined tasks as efficiently as possible in the future, both authorities are to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the other.

"For food safety in Austria and protection against transmissible animal diseases, good cooperation between Customs and BAVG is of central importance. The exchange of knowledge and joint training bring operational benefits and guarantee rapid support for entrepreneurs and pet owners in practice," emphasized BAVG Director Anton Reinl.

"Working together, complementing each other and exchanging ideas - ZAÖ and BAVG are entering into a meaningful and important cooperation with these basic ideas, which will help to fulfill their respective tasks in the best possible way. Both sides will benefit in their work and with them the Austrians who, for example, will be even better protected against the danger of the introduction of animal diseases through this transfer of knowledge and the coordinated approach," said Finance Minister Magnus Brunner on the occasion of the signing of the agreement by Customs Office Director Fetka-Blüthner and BAVG Director Reinl.

Photos of the signing of the agreement

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